How to fix PowerWash Simulator Show Dirt function

Sean Carey - July 26th 2022

If you've been running into a bug in PowerWash Simulator where the 'Show Dirt' button randomly stops working on Xbox and PC, you're not alone. Here's how to fix the dirt highlight button using a quick workaround.

The 'Show Dirt' function is essential in PowerWash Simulator as it highlights what parts of a level you need to clean to get a five-star rating. It will also show any tiny specks of dirt you may have missed on an object that you previously thought was clean, so when this bug randomly strikes, and you can no longer see what to powerwash next, you end up in a grimy limbo where you cannot complete the level. However, if you do encounter this issue, there are several workarounds that should get the 'Show Dirt' button working again.

How to fix the 'Show Dirt' button in PowerWash Simulator

  • Keep pressing the dirt highlight button (right on the D-Pad on Xbox, TAB on PC) while still washing until the function returns. This should take roughly fifteen seconds, but if it doesn't work, try the other workarounds below.
  • Start a new job in any mode and then return back to your previous in-progress job where you were seeing the issue.
  • Restart an in-progress job in either the Specials or Free Play and then return back to your previous in-progress job.

The 'Show Dirt' function should now be fixed, and you can continue cleaning until you hit that coveted five-star rating.

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