PowerWash Simulator: How to refill and use soap

Sean Carey - July 27th 2022

Cleaning liquids (or soap) are powerful consumables in PowerWash Simulator that will help you complete levels quickly. Here's how to use and refill cleaning liquids in PowerWash Simulator on Xbox and PC.

You can get pretty far in PowerWash Simulator with just your trusty powerwasher and various nozzles, but at some point, you're going to come up against large patches of stubborn stains that need a bit more oomph to clean up. Enter: Cleaning liquids. These consumables will slowly eat away at your profits if you're not careful, but they are excellent items that will help you reach 100% on levels in PowerWash Simulator quickly.

How to access soap in PowerWash Simulator

To be able to use cleaning liquids in PowerWash Simulator, you're first going to have to buy a soap nozzle attachment for your powerwasher from the in-game store on your tablet. In the 'Equipment' tab, you'll find four different soap nozzles: Prime Vista 1500 Soap Nozzle ($75), Urban X U2 Soap Nozzle ($375), Prime Vista 3000 Soap Nozzle ($600), and the Prime Vista Pro Soap Nozzle ($900). Each one of these nozzles corresponds to one of the four different powerwashers available, so make sure you purchase the correct attachment for the powerwasher you're currently using.

Once you have a soap nozzle, you need to buy some cleaning liquids. You can find cleaning liquids in the in-game store on your tablet under the 'Cleaning Liquids' tab.

Different types of cleaning liquids in PowerWash Simulator

There are six different cleaning liquids in PowerWash Simulator, all of which have different cleaning properties. They all cost $10 from the in-game store and are used for cleaning specific surfaces quickly. For example, the Stone Cleaner will rapidly remove all dirt types from stone surfaces, whereas the Metal Cleaner will do the same on metal surfaces. The most useful of the bunch is the Multi-Purpose Cleaner, which works on any surface.

  • Glass Cleaner 1L - $10.00
  • Metal Cleaner 1L - $10.00
  • Plastic Cleaner 1L - $10.00
  • Stone Cleaner 1L - $10.00
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner 1L - $10.00
  • Wood Cleaner 1L - $10.00

How to equip and use soap in PowerWash Simulator

Once you've purchased your chosen cleaning fluid and soap nozzle attachment, you will want to equip them. The soap nozzle is easily found by cycling through the various nozzles on your powerwasher, using 'LB' and 'RB' on Xbox or the '2' key on PC. Once you have the soap nozzle equipped, hold down the 'B' button on Xbox ('E' key on PC) to bring up a radial menu with your owned soaps. Here, select the soap you want and start cleaning.

How to refill soap in PowerWash Simulator

Cleaning fluids run out pretty quickly in PowerWash Simulator, so to equip a new bottle, hold down the 'B' button on Xbox ('E' key on PC) to bring up the radial menu again and choose another bottle of the cleaning fluid you wish to use. This will reload your soap nozzle, allowing you to quickly get back to hosing down that grimy wall. If you don't have any cleaning fluids in your inventory, you'll need to return to the in-game shop and purchase some more bottles.

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