PowerWash Simulator: How to change power washer

Sean Carey - July 28th 2022

If you're going to take your power-washing business to the next level in PowerWash Simulator, you're going to want to invest in some decent washers. Here's how to change your power washer in PowerWash Simulator on Xbox and PC.

With PowerWash Simulator now out on Xbox and PC and included with Xbox Game Pass, you may already well be on your way to power washing glory. However, there will come a point where you'll need to 'crack out the big guns', as it were, and change and upgrade your power washer to help you complete levels in PowerWash Simulator quickly.

How to upgrade to a better power washer in PowerWash Simulator

The starting washer in PowerWash Simulator is fine for getting early jobs completed, but when it comes to the later levels, you're going to want to get yourself something a little more powerful. Money is earned in PowerWash Simulator by cleaning objects in a level — the more things you clean, the more money you'll earn. You can buy new power washers from the 'Power Washers' tab in the in-game store on your tablet. Here you will find four different power washers to purchase that may or may not be accessible to you, depending on your star rating.

How much power washers in PowerWash Simulator cost and the level they unlock

There are four power washers in PowerWash Simulator, with each one offering better cleaning stats than the last. The starting power washer is a light-duty gun that you don't need to purchase, but the others will take a significant chunk of your profits, but they are well worth the investment! You will also need to have earned enough stars to unlock each new power washer.

Power washer Duty Cost Star-rating required to purchase
Prime Vista 1500 Light Duty $250 N/A (Unlocked at start of the game for free)
Urban X U2 Medium Duty $900 15 Stars
Prime Vista 3000 Heavy Duty $2,000 40 Stars
Prime Vista Pro Professional Duty $5,000 90 Stars

How to change power washers in PowerWash Simulator

Now that you've purchased yourself a more-powerful washer, you're going to want to equip it. Once you're in the game, hit the 'View' button ('Select' if you're old like me) on your Xbox controller to bring up your current loadout. You will then want to select the 'Power Washer' tab and pick your newly-purchased power washer. Voila! You are now free to blast away grime until your heart's content.

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