PowerWash Simulator Guide: Tips and tricks for beginners

Sean Carey - July 29th 2022

PowerWash Simulator is the latest phenomenon to grace Xbox, PC, and Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass. If you're new to the game, here are several tips and tricks that will take your power washing business to the top.

While PowerWash Simulator is a relaxing and meditative experience that probably should be enjoyed slowly and calmly, there's no shame in wanting to blitz through each level as quickly as possible and unlock those PowerWash Simulator achievements. Here are some handy tips, tricks, and explainers that will turn you into a cleaning machine.

Different nozzles in PowerWash Simulator

The first thing you'll probably encounter in PowerWash Simulator that might be a bit confusing is the different coloured nozzles attached to the end of your power washer. There are four primary nozzles, all of which you'll have access to at the very start of the game. Each nozzle does a different job and is set to a different degree, which either allows for more cleaning power or a wider spray.

0 Degree Nozzle: The 0 Degree red nozzle is the most powerful, as it shoots out a straight jet of water at whatever you're aiming at. This nozzle will remove everything in its path, but it has a very small area of effect, so you're only going to want to use it on specific patches of grime. It also has a greater range than the other nozzles, so if you can't quite reach a small area that needs a clean and you don't want to go off and grab your ladder or fiddle about with an extension, make use of this powerful nozzle.

15 Degree Nozzle: The 15 Degree yellow nozzle creates a powerful, wider spray. It's not as powerful as the red nozzle, but it will still remove most grime you encounter. This, paired with the 25 Degree green nozzle below, will likely be the two nozzles you use the most.

25 Degree Nozzle: This green nozzle is the most-balanced nozzle out of the lot. It provides a wider spray that's still powerful, but it does have limits with what muck it can clean off.

40 Degree Nozzle: The 40 Degree white nozzle has the widest spray, but it's the least powerful. This nozzle is particularly useful for cleaning down large areas in early levels, though you will still need to switch to either the green or yellow nozzle to remove any stubborn stains.

Don't forget that nozzles (with the exception of the red nozzle) can also be rotated using the bumper buttons.

Specialist nozzles in PowerWash Simulator

Turbo Nozzles: Turbo Nozzles are the same as 0 Degree nozzles with one exception: they spin. These spinning nozzles increase the area of effect while maintaining a powerful jet of water. Turbo Nozzles (one for each power washer) need to be bought from the store.

Soap Nozzles: Much like Turbo Nozzles, there is a different Soap Nozzle for each power washer, and they need to be purchased from the store. These nozzles require cleaning liquids (or soap) to use, which can turn out to be quite expensive. With soap equipped, you will be able to clean down larger areas quickly, but it's probably best to avoid using the nozzle and cleaning liquids at the start of the game and instead invest your money into a more powerful power washer.

Triple Tip Nozzle: Later in the game, you will unlock the Triple Tip Nozzle for the Prime Vista Pro power washer (170 stars needed). This nozzle is three red nozzles welded into one, which gives you great, concentrated cleaning power.

Power washer extensions in PowerWash Simulator

While extensions can come in handy, you'll get by just fine without them in the earlier levels, so save your money and buy a better power washer instead. When you get to the later levels, like the Mayor's Mansion, you will need to purchase a long extension. The shorter extensions you probably won't need at all and are largely redundant.

How to highlight dirt in PowerWash Simulator

Dirt is everywhere in PowerWash Simulator, and at times it can be tricky to spot where you've missed a spot on your cleaning crusade. To make things easier, PowerWash Simulator has a handy function that will highlight all the gunk that you've missed. Pressing 'Right' on the D-pad shows all the unwashed surfaces in yellow, giving you an idea of where to attack next.

Unfortunately, there is a bug in PowerWash Simulator where the show dirt function stops working. To fix it, use one of these three workarounds.

If the highlighter fails, it's all in the Details... tab

With the larger levels you'll encounter later on, it can be a bit of a pain to remember what objects you've cleaned and what you still have left to do. For this, we recommend using the 'Details' tab on your tablet, which brings up a detailed overview of every item you have left to hose down. It's also a great tool to use when you're close to completing a level, and you can't see the dirt you need to clean off even after using the highlight dirt function.

Climb, crouch, crawl

Throughout your time in PowerWash Simulator, you'll find dirt to clean in the strangest of places. It's hiding up high, down low, and in tiny cracks that you might not necessarily notice at first glance. To have any chance of cleaning it all off, you're going to need to climb, crouch, and crawl with your trusty power washer to blast away all that grime. The ladder and steps, while sometimes more bother than they're worth, are handy for when you can't quite reach an area, so don't ignore them and try to parkour your way around the playground, for example.

Got any more tips and tricks for PowerWash Simulator? Let us know down in the comments.

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