August's TrueAchievements Xbox Targets announced

Jack Watling - July 28th 2022

The month is almost over, so we're back and ready to announce three new gaming-related Targets for August 2022.

Please note: You can join these Targets now, but you won't start earning towards them until the month actually begins in your region.

August Target 1 — Open World Games Target

With Saints Row releasing in August, we thought it was time to jump into Open World games.

So, Target 1 is for earning achievements in Open World games.

Unlock achievements in any games tagged with the Open World genre. You can unlock multiple achievements in the same game.

You can find the full list of Open World games here.

The Target tiers are:

  • Bronze — 5 achievements earned
  • Silver — 10 achievements earned
  • Gold — 15 achievements earned

August Target 2 — Bean Dive Recovery Target

The Bean Dive 2022 event ran last month, with the goal of starting games sitting on your backlog. This target is to help you start with recovery.

Target 2 is for unlocking achievements in different games that you started before the month of August.

The started time will be based on the time of your first achievement unlock in said game.

The Target tiers are:

  • Bronze — achievements earned in 3 different games
  • Silver — achievements earned in 6 different games
  • Gold — achievements earned in 9 different games

August Target 3 — Achievement Days Target

Target 3 is for unlocking achievements on different days.

Achievements earned in any game count towards your Target. You can unlock as many achievements on a day as you want, but only one will count.

The Target tiers are:

  • Bronze — achievements earned on 5 different days
  • Silver — achievements earned on 12 different days
  • Gold — achievements earned on 20 different days

Are you up to the challenge? Can you get gold medals in all of them? Good luck to everyone taking part, let's do this!