Xbox sales: TA Team Picks (July 28th)

Tom West - July 28th 2022

Xbox sales this week are little light on offerings thanks to the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale, but that doesn't mean that the TrueAchievements news team hasn't found some offerings from the Xbox and PC discounts available.

No matter how slim the Xbox sale pickings, which is expected after a sale as large as the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale, we here at TrueAchievements always find something to offer you from the selection of Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC game and DLC rocking some nice discounts. Well, not all of us, as Sean has had to miss this week as he is covered in soap and powerwashing himself into oblivion... seriously, we're not sure if he'll ever be the same again. We do have the return of Heidi, though, who has managed to compose herself after last week's disappointing Bear & Breakfast news that caused her to be a little frightening to any who dared approach her.

So, with three of us here to guide you on this week's journey, we invite you to the vast openness of space to sing our hearts out — thankfully there aren't too many people to hear our out-of-tune rendition of Take That's Back for Good in space. In fact, our awful vocal performance could be a great deterrent for any naughty aliens hoping to nip at our ankles, and our co-pilot can always wear earplugs because we'll never be quieted. Never!

Bargains from the latest Xbox sales

Heidi — Wandersong

Wandersong, to me, is an example of a perfect gem of a game. I loved Chicory: A Colourful Tale too, but Wandersong is still my favourite. Everything about it is lovely — its visuals, its story, and most of all, the wonderful message it wants to impart to players about kindness and how anyone can be a hero. Even the musically-challenged like me will find lots to enjoy in this adventure, and lots to love about its characters. We play as the bard, who has a love and respect for every creature in the world of Wandersong, and who refuses to give up on that world no matter what. Wandersong nearly always crops up as a quick completion in the sale, but it’s so much more than that. It’s just lovely in every way. It has such heart behind it and it’s more than worth a purchase at full price — so at 75% off, you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to pick it up. And what’s more, we know the creator of Wandersong and Chicory is working on his “most ambitious” game yet, so it’s a great time to get to grips with the wonderful Wanders

A musical adventure where you use singing to save the world! Play as a silly bard who embarks on a globe-trotting journey to learn about the mysterious Earthsong, said to prevent the universe’s imminent end. It's up to you to sing your songs, unlock the world's secrets and make new friends!

Luke — Everspace

I never got round to trying Everspace back when it was in the Xbox Game Pass library, but I was quick to snap it up when I saw it at 85% off in this week's sale. It's a really enjoyable space exploration, salvaging, and combat game with roguelite elements to its progression, in that you can spend Credits earned in each attempt to unlock permanent perks and buffs (as well as new ships) to hopefully make subsequent sorties that much less deadly. The nature of the game means you end up making more and more progress with each attempt, with the story unfolding as you do. Flight controls certainly take a bit of getting used to, and it's easy for runs to fall apart quite quickly if the game isn't kind enough to bless you with decent equipment or enough repair items to keep your ship from getting blown up or disabled, and the latter is arguably worse — at least if you just get outright obliterated you can start again right away, but losing life support systems turns it into a race against the clock to find the materials you need before you run out of oxygen, while damage to things like sensors or the inertia dampeners just make life in the vast emptiness of space a bit of a nightmare. If, unlike me, you did play and enjoy the game while it was still available with Game Pass, you may still be interested to know that its sole DLC pack is also on sale this week at 70% off, adding another 500G to the Everspace achievement list for anyone who has been waiting on a discount to go for the full completion.

EVERSPACE™ combines fast-paced combat with roguelike elements, great visuals and a captivating story. It takes you on a challenging journey through an ever-changing, beautifully crafted universe full of surprises. Shoot, craft and loot your way to victory while the odds are stacked against you.

EVERSPACE™ - Encounters

Encounters is the first major expansion for EVERSPACE™, enriching the game world with new story characters and questlines, a brand-new player ship, freighter-loads of novel equipment, additional enemies, and much more.

Impress your peers with the new Colonial Sentinel, a medium fighter craft, and make use of its powerful shield and advanced electronic warfare capabilities. Mileage may vary.

Meet new story characters, each with their own motivations and agendas. Ever met a robot bounty hunter with a French accent who would rather create than destroy? Of course not. Or an alien scientist who sends you on a hunt for space creatures? That's right. Creatures... In space.

New primary and secondary weapons, such as Lightning Guns and Plasma Throwers, will ensure continued enjoyment when dispatching your opponents. Ever wanted to barrage multiple foes at once with projectiles? The Seeker Missile Battery aims to please. You deserve this.

EMP Generators? Decoy Holograms? Why, yes! Tons of new devices and consumables will make surviving Cluster 34... as hard as before. But even more fun.

If you're not too busy dying, the new G&B factory stations are well worth a visit. Here you can upgrade your ship, refine resources and delay your inevitable fate by means of repairs.

If a simple paint job didn't do it for you, why not fly in style with a set of fashionable ship skins? And if your journey isn't challenging enough already, we've got you covered with even more achievements. Happy hunting, pilots. Try not to die.

Tom — Aliens Fireteam Elite

I've loved the Alien franchise for as long as I can remember — yes, Xenomorphs are better than Predators — but when it comes to video game adaptions of the franchise, they have a tendency to shock you with disappointment rather than elation. Aliens Fireteam Elite, though, is definitely one of the few games to come out of the franchise that is actually exciting to play. While slaughtering a group of Xenos in a couple of minutes might not be overly consistent with the source material, it does transfer into a solid gameplay experience.

Gunplay in Aliens Fireteam Elite is smooth, the missions are enjoyable — although very consistent with the genre's usual objectives — and dive into the franchise's rich lore, which is a bonus for those of us that enjoy that kind of thing. There are also various classes to choose from and to customise to your liking, each offering differing abilities which lend to the game's teamplay focus. It really is a lot of fun, and with its current 50% discount, a great pickup. It's currently in Xbox Game Pass, but for how long is anyone's guess, so now might be a great time to make the purchase! Be warned, the Aliens: Fireteam Elite achievements are pretty grindy, but Cold Iron Studios is constantly updating it with new content to keep you busy. Season 4 has just started and next month we'll get the first DLC drop: Pathogen.

Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a cooperative third-person survival game set in the iconic Alien Universe. Battle through hordes of different types of Xenomorph, customize your character and gear, and level-up as you try to contain this ever-growing threat.

Is anything here making you want to sing from the rooftops, or is something else playing to the tune of your heart? Let us know down in the comments, spacefaring bards!