Contest: Win a limited-edition Chernobylite Black Stalker plush

Tom West - July 29th 2022

Chernobylite players can now download the Ghost Town and Season One content updates for free, and don't forget that there is still time to enter our giveaway for a limited-edition Black Stalker Plush. [updated]

Update: The free updates that add the Ghost Town and Season One content is now available for everyone on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, as well as the two paid cosmetic packs: Blue Flames Pack and Deadly Frost Pack. Additionally, there is still time for you to drop a comment below to be in with a chance of winning a limited-edition Black Stalker Plush.

Original story: We've been exploring the Exclusion Zone in Chernobylite for a year since the game launched on PC, and if you haven't had the pleasure yet, you should check out our Chernobylite review to see what you've been missing. Naturally, All In! Games and The Farm 51 want to celebrate the occasion — and what's better than free Xbox DLC and a giveaway?

Chernobylite celebrates its first anniversary with free Xbox DLC and giveaway

The celebration will kick off on August 2nd with the launch of the Ghost Town and Season 1 free updates, as well as the Deadly Frost and Blue Flame paid skin packs for players on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Ghost Town introduces a new area to Chernobylite in the way of Pripyat Residential, which offers seven new missions for you to uncover, while Season 1 unlocks the Memory of You adventure and the crossbow weapon.

The updates will launch alongside a patch that targets numerous areas of the game, which you can see below:

  • Improved overall game performance
  • [UI] Slightly increased image size and font size for better visibility
  • [UI] Added some fixes for Quick Menu
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish localization
  • Fixed audio in the final level
  • Fixed Black Stalker’s final fight dialogue
  • Fixed the blocker in the Heist level when a fast dialogue skip caused the player to not receive input after the dialogue
  • Added auto-saving on certain events—after killing a whole enemy squad, when dialogues end, and when mission loot is obtained
  • Removed unintentional death in the Ariadna device level on stepping off the path
  • Increased performance on Lenin square in Pripyat
  • Fixed chernohost sound timeline
  • Fixed save hitches — the game will no longer freeze during encounters and events on various maps
  • Fixed NPC visibility on Ariadna levels"

We've partnered with All In! Games and The Farm 51 to give you a chance of winning one of ten limited-edition Chernobylite Black Stalker plushies that are part of a new campaign. These toys will only be available to purchase via the campaign's page until August 25th when the campaign ends. Once it reaches its 200-copies-sold goal, the plushies will be manufactured and sent out to those of you that purchased them and the ten lucky winners of this giveaway, but will be unavailable to purchase again.

To be in with a chance of winning one of the ten Black Stalker plushies, all you have to do is make sure you're registered on TrueAchievements and leave a comment on this story in the comments selection below to gain an entry. There is only one entry per person, and the competition will close on Monday, August 8th, at 14:00 GMT. We will notify winners via PM on TA.

If you're not signed up to TrueAchievements, registering is simple! Just click the green Xbox logo button at the top right of any page, or click here.

Rules and regulations
  • This competition is unavailable to TA staff members
  • One entry per person; multiple entries from the same community member will be disregarded
  • Entry is via a comment to this thread
  • The winner will be chosen at random
  • Entries close on August 8th at 14:00 GMT

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