Overwatch 2 survey potentially points towards $45 skins

Tom West - August 1st 2022

Overwatch 2's recent survey that was asking users about their opinions on cosmetic items costing up to $45 "were randomized per user and are not indicative of final pricing," Blizzard has said. [updated]

Update: Blizzard has reached out to IGN regarding the recent survey to clarify that the questionnaire is only intended to gauge player interest, most likely for the company to see where best to price the items when the game launches in October.

"Prices displayed in the survey were randomized per user and are not indicative of final pricing," a Blizzard spokesperson told IGN. "We plan to share details on our Shop and Battle Pass system closer to our October 4th launch."

Original: We don't know about you, but we question ourselves when we buy a t-shirt that costs more than $40, so hearing that a game could be offering skins for more is rather surprising. As spotted by Twitter user @Portergauge (thanks, PCGamesN), an Overwatch 2 survey that was apparently sent to users recently looks to be testing the water for in-game item pricing, which includes Mythic quality skins rocking price tags of $44.99.

Blizzard is reportedly eyeing up expensive in-game skins

While the prices are certainly shocking, it's worth mentioning now that it's only an early survey to gauge player price limits, so these particularly expensive prices won't necessarily make it into the full release, or Early Access as it will be on October 4th. According to the screenshots provided by @Portergauge, the survey prices Mythic skins at $44.99, followed by Legendary bundles for $29.99, single Legendary skins for $24.99, and weapon charms priced at $9.99.

As you can imagine, the survey has rubbed some players the wrong way, with the post's Twitter and Reddit comments sections highlighting many unhappy players. The news stings a little bit more since Overwatch 2 won't be featuring loot boxes, so you'll potentially have to spend your own money if you want your characters to look different from the generic version.

We'd love to know what you think about this news. Would you be happy to pay these prices for cosmetics? Let us know down in the comments below!