GTA 6 report outlines Rockstar's streamlined scope

Sean Carey - August 1st 2022

A new report on Grand Theft Auto 6 claims that Rockstar has had to cut down on its original scope of the game, which supposedly included several different protagonists and multiple cities.

A recent report from Bloomberg's Jason Schreier claimed that the next entry into the GTA series would feature two playable protagonists (one of them female) and that the game would be set in Vice City. Schreier also said development on GTA 6 had slowed and that Rockstar had "reeled in" its ambitions, reducing the scope of the game in certain areas to allow for better working conditions. Now, a report from Axios' Stephen Totilo gives us an idea of what Rockstar has potentially cut down.

Report suggests Rockstar originally planned four protagonists and three cities for GTA 6

According to Axios' source, GTA 6 was originally going to have four playable protagonists (one more than GTA 5). It was also claimed that GTA 6 was going to have three major cities to explore, which has now been cut down to one.

While having just one city may be a disappointment to some, Schreier also claimed that Rockstar will be continually updating the game over time, "adding new missions and cities on a regular basis," so it sounds like those two cut cities may end up in the game as post-launch content.

As always, it's worth taking this information with a pinch of salt until Rockstar makes some sort of official confirmation.

What do you make of this? Do you think four playable characters would have been too many? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.