Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Xbox Series X|S upgrade "imminent"

Luke Albigés - August 1st 2022

Xbox Series X|S owners will soon be able to enjoy Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom in its best form, with a current-gen upgrade currently in submission and expected to release shortly.

Monster Boy, a spiritual successor to the classic Wonder Boy series, originally released in 2018, with an enhanced PS5 version launching late last year. Soon, Xbox Series X|S players will also be able to enjoy the game with current-gen enhancements including native 4K/120fps support.

Monster Boy upgraded to native 4K/120fps on Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X users will get the full 4K/120fps experience, while Xbox Series S players will need to choose between 1080p/120fps and 4K/60fps. The new version should be here soon as the game's store page has already been updated to reflect the enhancements, also now mentioning that the game uses Smart Delivery — good news in that existing owners will get the upgrade for free, but bad news if you were hoping for a second stack of achievements.

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