Sea of Thieves' delayed Season Seven detailed, begins this week

Heidi Nicholas - August 1st 2022

The Sea of Thieves team has detailed what we can expect when Season Seven arrives in just a few days, such as the option to customise the Captain's cabin, the new Sovereigns group, and a free emote for all players.

Sea of Thieves Season Seven kicks off in a few days' time on August 4th, and the devs have now detailed everything we can expect when it arrives. Check out the content update video below:

Sea of Thieves Season Seven begins on August 4th

In Season Seven, and with the arrival of Captaincy, you'll be able to buy a ship — you can buy one each of a sloop, brigantine, and galleon — and name it. You'll also be able to customise the Captain's cabin with things like a table, bed, rugs, drapes, and more, along with trinkets such as ornaments: pictures on the wall, for instance, or more ornaments on the shelf. These will even move about if you go through a big battle or storm, and will need to be adjusted back into place.

Milestones will also be introduced as a new progression system, tracking such aspects as "days at sea," "wreckers caught," or "times damaged" — the devs say they're "divided into Alignments, each representing an area of activity within the game, allowing you to see and track the ways that you play and earn unique rewards for it." Then there are Captain's Voyages, which appear to be stored on your ship: "these unique voyages cover all Trading Companies and offer you the ability to target specific activities." They offer "both very short single map objectives and longer Commissions that bring together various activities for the company in one combined voyage."

You'll find a new group at outposts called the Sovereigns, who seem to think a lot of themselves and will only talk to Captains — it's apparently easier to take loot to them, and you'll still earn the same rewards. Meanwhile, shipwrights on Outposts will sell you planks, food, cannonballs, and Captain's Voyages, and repair your ship. Captained ships have logbooks that chronicle their activities, and if you take down a captained ship, you can sell their logbook to the Reaper's Bones.

There will be new rewards over 100 levels, new Emissary rewards, and a new Plunder Pass for the Pirate Emporium with 13 items. Plus, all players can get the Promising Portrait emote for free. Season Seven starts on August 4th — which part of it are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

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