Midnight Fight Express joins Xbox Game Pass soon, here's the achievement list

Sean Carey - August 2nd 2022

Action-brawler Midnight Fight Express launches into Xbox Game Pass later this month, and we've just picked up its achievement list.

Midnight Fight Express, which joins Xbox Game Pass on August 23rd, has us playing as Babyface, a former member of the criminal underworld who has been coaxed back into a life of crime by a strange and mysterious AI drone. On paper, the Midnight Fight Express achievements look like they could prove quite a few headaches. There is a difficulty-specific achievement, another for killing 4,000 enemies, and one for getting an S-Rating on all levels.

Midnight Fight Express achievement list

There are 40 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, two of which are secret (to reveal the details of the secret achievements, please use this link).
Name Description Gamerscore
Combo Master Get 100x combo on foot. 25
They Probably Deserved It Kill 500 enemies. 25
Who Will Clean Up This Mess Kill 2000 enemies. 25
Way Over The Line Buddy Kill 4000 enemies. 25
Dummy's Best Friend Kill 500 dummies in the Playground. 25
This Is Just The Beginning Complete the Factory mission. 25
Leave No Trace Complete the Wavechase mission. 25
Give Me A Break Complete the Highway mission. 25
One Last Ride Complete the Alleyway mission. 25
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 25
I Was Born To Die Die 500 times. 25
You have a S-tyle! Get an S-Rating on 20 levels. 25
You Won't Be Forgotten My Friend Get an S-Rating on all levels. 25
Tooth Fairy Collect 150 golden teeth. 25
That's What I Came For Complete your first 25 challenges. 25
King Of Challenges Complete all challenges. 25
Everything Is A Weapon Throw 150 environmental items at enemies. 25
Parry Master Parry 150 attacks. 25
Melee Finisher Master Kill 250 enemies using melee finishers. 25
Weapon Finisher Master Kill 150 enemies using weapon finishers. 25
Stay Down Kill 50 enemies using ground finishers. 25
Kiss The Wall Kill 50 enemies using gun finishers. 25
Gun Fu Kill 50 enemies using gun finishers. 25
Give Your Fists A Rest Shoot 500 enemies. 25
Let Them Fly Kill 75 enemies using explosives. 25
Face Jewelry Stick 50 sharp weapons into the heads of enemies. 25
Bloody Shower Slice 75 enemies. 25
Don't Hug Me Escape from grapples 50 times. 25
Skills Enthusiast Defeat 15 enemies with different types of kills on a single level. 25
Too Much Pressure Kill 6 enemies while in Rage. 25
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 25
People Person Talk with all special characters. 25
I Have A Wedding Tommorow Complete a level without getting hit. 25
Impressive Complete all levels on hard difficulty. 25
Hotline Express Complete all levels on realistic difficulty. 25
I Want To Look Pretty Spend 50000$ on clothes. 25
Make Them Shake For You Electrocute 100 enemies. 25
Let Them Finish Themselves Let 100 enemies kill each other. 25
Get Over Here! Damage 100 enemies using rope. 25
Smile, Please! Blow up 50 enemy heads with secondary gun. 25
What do you make of Midnight Fight Express? Will you be playing this one when it joins Xbox Game Pass on the 23rd? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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