Xbox Cloud Gaming hourly usage up 1,800%, says Microsoft

Sean Carey - August 2nd 2022

In a new community update video, Microsoft has revealed that Xbox Cloud Gaming hourly usage has increased by a staggering 1,800% in the last year.

While the console/PC will always remain king, Microsoft has been innovating and really pushing Xbox Cloud Gaming over the past year, and now, it's beginning to see some of the fruits of that labour. As revealed by Catherine Gluckstein, Xbox Cloud Gaming's head of product, Xbox Cloud Gaming hourly usage has increased by 1,800% in the past year.

Xbox Cloud Gaming sees huge growth in number of hours played

This surge in gameplay hours and growth is likely down to a number of factors, but Fortnite would have played a large part. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that Fortnite would be the first non-Game Pass title playable via Xbox Cloud Gaming, which essentially created a workaround for the battle royale game, making it playable on iOS devices for the first time since it was pulled from Apple's App Store in 2020. In Microsoft's latest earnings call, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed that Fortnite had been streamed using Xbox Cloud Gaming by over four million people.

Xbox Cloud Gaming also launched on Samsung Smart TVs and has expanded into more countries over the past year, including New Zealand and Argentia back in June.

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