Battlefield 2042 update reworks character models and a map

Tom West - August 2nd 2022

Battlefield 2042's Specialist models have been given a slight rework alongside the Kaleidoscope map in today's update, and both the RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal have been given some much-needed nerfs.

Update 1.2 for Battlefield 2042 is rolling out to all players today with a bunch of fixes and balance changes which DICE has detailed in the patch notes on the official Battlefield 2042 website. A number of reworks also accompany the base patch additions, such as a fresh rework of the Kaleidoscope map, updated Specialist models, a new player profile and statistics screen, and more.

Battlefield 2042 player profile and statistics

The main menu now features Player Profile and Statistic screens, which gives you a look at your current progress and performance in Battlefield 2042 since launch. Here, you'll now see your Rank, XP progress, upcoming unlocks, top Masteries, K/D ratio, kills, deaths, assists, revives, and more.

The update sees the first map rework added to Battlefield 2042, by way of Kaleidoscope. The fresh take on the map adds various visual updates for a more war-torn aesthetic, additional cover points, new flag positions, and its terrain elevation has been adjusted, all of which are aimed toward aiding the flow of combat. Two new areas have also been added to Kaleidoscope, in the way of a Forward Operating Base in the park and a command post near the Tower. DICE has also confirmed that the Renewal map is the next in line for an update, which the team is working on now, so we can expect to see it added via an update during Season 2.

Maps aren't the only things being reworked a little during today's update; Specialists have been updated with slightly different models that DICE says "better reflect the intense situations they have experienced." The Specialists should all feel a bit better on console as well, thanks to adjustments to Aim Assist for controllers that enhance its feeling when you're tracking moving targets.

The balancing changes added today bring an accuracy penalty to the BSV-M's full auto mode and its High Power ammunition loses damage much faster over long distances, so we'll most likely see fewer people rocking the weapon now. For us, though, the most exciting part of this update is the nerfs added to the RAH-68 Huron and YG-00 Hannibal vehicles, which have been terrorising us from the skies since they were added to the game last month. Both vehicles' 30mm Cannons now overheat at a much faster rate in an attempt to limit their overwhelming power on the battlefield and give infantry a fighting chance.

You can see the patch notes in their entirety on the Battlefield 2042 website. Let us know what you think about these changes and additions down below!