Dead Island 2 to be re-revealed later this year — report

Tom West - August 2nd 2022

Dead Island 2 will reportedly be re-revealed during Q4 2022 as it's apparently "in a decent state of development," a reputable insider has reported, and we could see it launch by March 2023.

If Coffee Stain Studios managed to catch you out with the Goat Simulator 3 reveal trailer during Summer Game Fest, hopefully, this news will help ease your pain. Industry insider and reputable leaker Tom Henderson has reported via Try Hard Guides that Dead Island 2 is now "in a decent state of development," it will feature a brand-new cast of characters, and that we'll be whisked off to a variety of different locations.

Dead Island 2 could be re-revealed during The Game Awards

According to Henderson's sources, Dambuster Studios is focusing on cooperative play for Dead Island 2, which will feature five-to-six brand-new characters in a story that will span multiple locations, including San Francisco and Hollywood (please let us re-enact the Bill Murray scene from Zombieland).

While no dates have been mentioned regarding Dead Island 2's re-reveal, one of Henderson's sources said that a reveal during this year's The Game Awards "would make a lot of sense." The game is apparently in a decent state of development, which we would hope after this length of time and a potential re-reveal set to happen in around four months — one source reportedly said: “It’s probably my most anticipated game after playing it."

As with all leaks, it's worth taking this with a pinch of salt, but it definitely fills us with a bit of hope that we could be enjoying a romp through this highly anticipated sequel soon. What do you make of these details? We'd love to know your thoughts, so drop a comment below!