ConcernedApe "still in the middle of everything" with Haunted Chocolatier

Heidi Nicholas - August 3rd 2022

Stardew Valley creator ConcernedApe answered a few player questions about Haunted Chocolatier, which they emphasised is "not a 'Stardew 2.'"

ConcernedApe first shared a new image for the game, shown below, and then began responding to a few questions in the replies. It seems Haunted Chocolatier could still be some way off, but it's always interesting to hear any new titbits of information about it.

ConcernedApe reiterates that Haunted Chocolatier is not a sequel to Stardew Valley

ConcernedApe answered a few questions from fans over on Twitter — it seems that one of the first things players want to know is to what extent, if any, Haunted Chocolatier will be connected to Stardew Valley. ConcernedApe is clear on this, saying, "It's gonna be its own separate game with a self-contained identity... it's not a 'Stardew 2.' But there might be some shared lore, I haven't nailed down exactly to what degree the two will be connected." Elsewhere, they add that Haunted Chocolatier "will be similar to Stardew in some ways, but it's not running a farm. And I think you'll find that it feels quite different," and that "there might be some plant cultivation, but it's not a farming game."

One fan asked whether we'll see anything similar to Stardew Valley's community centre, to which ConcernedApe responded, "There won't be anything directly analogous to the CC, but there will be elements that fulfil a similar role. One of them being the big, old castle that you are living in." ConcernedApe is clear that nothing's final yet, but does suggest that Haunted Chocolatier will probably be similarly priced to Stardew Valley, and that "it definitely won't be more."

The Haunted Chocolatier FAQ has a bit more general information, and also reiterates that that Haunted Chocolatier is its own separate game, explaining that "like Stardew Valley, Haunted Chocolatier is another 'town game,” where you move to a new town and try your hand at a new way of living. You’ll get to know the townspeople, achieve your goals and make progress in many ways. All of that is similar to Stardew Valley. However, the core gameplay and theming are quite a bit different. Haunted Chocolatier is more of an action-RPG compared to Stardew Valley. And instead of a farm being the focal point of your endeavours, it’s a chocolate shop."

We're happy to wait however long is needed for Haunted Chocolatier. "I'm working on it all the time, occasionally take a break to think about it rather than work on it," ConcernedApe replied to one question. "It's pretty ambitious in scope so there's a lot to get done, but I think it's gonna be good. I've refined my skills a lot over these past ten years, and still improving."

What do you think of what we've seen of Haunted Chocolatier so far? Let us know in the comments!

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