Metal: Hellsinger set to rock the hell out of Gamescom

Tom West - August 4th 2022

Metal: Hellsinger will be rocking us all before its official release in September by hosting Gamescom's largest concert ever, featuring vocalists from Trivium, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquility, and more — and it'll be free!

Gamescom will feature its largest concert to date on Friday, August 25th, thanks to Funcom and The Outsiders' Metal: Hellsinger. Entry will be free for all attendees with a valid show pass and feature live performances from the likes of Trivium's Matt Heafy, Arch Enemies' Alissa White-Glüz, and more.

Gamescom will feature its largest-ever concert thanks to Metal: Hellsinger

Imagine attending Europe's largest video game convention to play a host of awesome upcoming games and then rocking out through the evening to the sounds of metal performed by incredible vocalists from bands like Trivium and Arch Enemy. Well, you can this year because Funcom and The Outsiders will be hosting the largest concert to ever feature at Gamescom, with music from the upcoming rhythm-based FPS game, Metal: Hellsinger.

Anyone with a valid Gamescom show pass will be able to attend the concert free of charge on August 25th at 7pm CEST, and the first 200 people through the door will be given "a bagful of exclusive Metal: Hellsinger merch." During the show, you'll hear some of the original heavy metal tracks created for the game by the composer duo Two Feathers, performed by Matt Heafy of Trivium, Alissa White-Glüz of Arch Enemy, Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquility, Dennis Lyxzén of Refused and INVSN, and James Dorton of Black Crown Initiate.

Don't worry if you're not heading to Gamescom, or if like us (yes, we're extremely upset) will be leaving before the gig — the show will be streamed live for everyone to watch from home. Details of where to watch will be revealed closer to the time.

What do you think, metal monsters? Will you be looking forward to this incredible concert? Let us know down in the comments! Right, we're going to go and find somewhere to cry while watching the trailer on repeat...

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