Koch Media now named Plaion

Heidi Nicholas - August 4th 2022

Plaion is the new name for Koch Media, which has rebranded itself, while managing director Klemens Kundratitz has confirmed that the company is "first and foremost a games company."

Koch Media, which was founded back in 1994, has now changed its name and rebranded itself as Plaion, and it is "first and foremost a games company."

Koch Media is now known as Plaion

"Our passion for entertainment has driven our continuous evolution since 1994," we're told. "We're writing the next chapter of our journey in offering unique entertainment experiences."

Kundratitz confirmed to GIBiz that Plaion is "first and foremost a games company," adding, "We're not mutating into a different company, we're just following a path that we've already been on since becoming part of Embracer Group. We're growing in all areas. It's certainly not a departure from physical distribution. Our mantra is we want to offer games wherever and however people want to play them: physical, digital, collector's editions. Whatever way people want to consume our content, we're there. We're long-term committed in the physical space, but equally we need to reinvent ourselves all the time."

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