Streamer beats 'impossible' Halo 2 challenge to claim $20k bounty

Luke Albigés - August 4th 2022

Twitch streamer JerValiN has made Halo history by becoming the first person to complete a deathless Halo 2 LASO run without the Envy skull active, picking up a cool $20,000 bounty for this incredible display of skill.

Halo 2's LASO run is considered to be the hardest in the series, with the level Gravemind in particular thought to be borderline impossible in a deathless run, and cloaked Jackal snipers with improved fire rate and awareness that can kill you in one shot. With all skulls active, however, you gain the benefit of the Envy skull turning you invisible when you activate your flashlight, so for this crazy challenge, players were tasked with completing a Halo 2 LASO run, without the Envy skull, and without dying. In one go. Somehow, barely a month after the challenge was set, JerValiN has managed to pull off this crazy feat.

Halo 2 deathless LASO run challenge completed

Streamer and content creator MoistCr1TiKaL originally threw down the gauntlet back in June, making a video explaining the challenge and putting up $5,000 for the first person to provide proof of beating a Halo 2 deathless LASO run without Envy. A few weeks later, he raised the stakes by increasing the bounty to $20,000 and now, it's time to pay up. JerValiN has been grinding out attempts on Twitch for the best part of a month, and finally completed the challenge yesterday with a six-and-a-half hour run. He was previously the first person to pull off a deathless Halo 2 completion with all skulls on (including the positive effect of Envy), and now he's also the first — and only — person to have done it without Envy. In case it isn't clear exactly how demanding this is, just look at what all of the skulls do.

  • Anger: Faster enemy fire rate
  • Assassins: All enemies are cloaked
  • Black Eye: Shields only recover by landing melee attacks
  • Blind: Removes HUD and weapon models
  • Catch: Enemies throw (and drop) more grenades
  • Famine: Weapons dropped by enemies have less ammo
  • Ghost: Enemies do not flinch when taking damage
  • Grunt Birthday Party: Headshots trigger confetti explosions
  • IWHBYD: Rare dialogue happens more frequently
  • Iron: Restart level upon death
  • Mythic: Enemies gain increased health and shields
  • Sputnik: Objects have reduced mass
  • That's Just... Wrong: Enemies have improved awareness
  • Thunderstorm: Upgrades enemies to higher ranks

Anyone out there crazy enough to try this themselves? Let us know!

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