Dead by Daylight dev announces new game Meet Your Maker

Heidi Nicholas - August 4th 2022

Behaviour Interactive, the dev behind Dead by Daylight, has announced its next game: Meet Your Maker, a first-person post-apocalyptic "building-and-raiding game."

Meet Your Maker looks all kinds of brutal, as you fight over genetic material and build Outposts to protect it. We'll play as the Custodian, who answers only to the Chimera. Check out the announcement trailer below:

Meet Your Maker arrives for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in 2023

According to Behaviour Interactive's lead content strategist Justin Fragapane, this mysterious Chimera is "a living experiment created as a last resort to save life on Earth. To help the Chimera evolve, you’ll need to provide it with pure genetic material, the world’s most precious remaining resource. But as you may have guessed, it won’t be easy to come by."

Everything in Meet Your Maker seems tied to genetic material and the Outposts we build to protect it. "Gameplay revolves around the creation and infiltration of stand-alone levels called Outposts, as players seek to protect or steal genetic material from each other," says Fragapane. "Every single Outpost in the game has been built by players, for players, making user-generated content the driving force of the experience. Considering the Outposts you’ll be building are massive maze-like structures teeming with deadly traps and guards, the possibilities are nearly endless."

Things are still just as busy for Dead by Daylight, meanwhile, with the game gearing up for the arrival of the Resident Evil chapter Project W, which adds two new survivors and a new killer.

What do you think of Meet Your Maker? Will it be going on your must-buy list for when it launches for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in 2023? Let us know in the comments!

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