Ooblets goes gold ahead of full 1.0 release

Heidi Nicholas - August 5th 2022

The Ooblets team has confirmed that its farming, town life, and creature-collecting game has gone gold, meaning we should soon have a release date for its 1.0 launch.

The full release of Ooblets is officially on the way; now that the game has gone gold we can expect to hear a release date soon!

Ooblets launches in full for Xbox One later this year

Ooblets launched into Game Preview back in 2020, but a release date for the full 1.0 version is on the way. "We just found out that Ooblets has gone gold!" the devs say. "That means we passed our main certifications so we'll be able to announce our 1.0 release date and open preorders on Switch soon. We're so excited for everyone to get to play!"

Ooblets has you farming and establishing a home for yourself in Badgetown, making friends with its residents, collecting ooblets, and having them participate in dance battles. We don't yet have the Ooblets achievements, but developer Glumberland’s Ben Wasser tells us that the Ooblets achievements "will follow the in-game goals, which are based around helping out, making friends, collecting things, and growing your team," adding, "I wouldn't expect any super difficult achievements.”

We'll keep an ear out for that 1.0 release date — will you be playing Ooblets when it launches in full? Let us know in the comments!

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