MultiVersus getting Arcade and Ranked modes in Season 1

Luke Albigés - August 7th 2022

Warner's MultiVersus will be getting loads of new content when its first proper season begins, with the team announcing that it will be adding Ranked and Arcade modes to the game along with a bunch of other new stuff.

MultiVersus may still be in beta, but that won't stop the team rolling out a host of new features during Season 1, including a Ranked mode for competitive play, an Arcade mode for casual play, and a plethora of new characters and cosmetics, as revealed on Twitter.

MultiVersus getting new modes and characters in Season 1

Ranked mode will be where competitive players can throw down to try and climb the ladder to prove themselves the best of the best. Director Tony Huynh has previously suggested that this will bring certain changes from standard versus play, including potentially banning duplicate characters and maybe even adding some kind of pick order for characters and perks to level the playing field. As for Arcade mode, we've not heard anything official yet, but leakers and dataminers have reported a ten-fight AI gauntlet playable either in solo or co-op across three difficulty levels, with some kind of rivals system. Huynh also hinted that Rick and Morty will not be the only characters joining the roster in the game's first season — Morty is expected to be added at the beginning of Season 1 (which was recently delayed), followed by Rick some time after, and with more new faces set to be added later. The snapshot also mentions new cosmetics, including a Robin costume for LeBron, a valkyrie outfit for Bugs, and a selection of new icons and banners. A separate tweet from the official MultiVersus competitive account also shows a render of a Warren Ampersand skin for Jake, previously seen in early footage, so there's a decent chance that could be coming soon as well.

In addition, players can redeem some special Evo-themed cosmetics following the game's inaugural major tournament at the event yesterday. Just head over to the official site, log in, and use code EVO2022 to grab an exclusive player icon and banner.

What characters are you hoping to see added to MultiVersus next? Let us know!

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