Street Fighter 6 character reveals leaked early by Capcom Germany

Luke Albigés - August 7th 2022

Street Fighter 6 had images of two new fighters leak yesterday, but Capcom has now officially announced Juri and Kimberly with an extended gameplay trailer showing off what they can do. [updated]

Update: Capcom has now dropped a full trailer for Street Fighter 6 newcomers Kimberly and Juri... check it out below.
Original story: We quite often see reveals and announcements during Evo grand finals, but it looks like there may have been some crossed wires at Capcom, leading to the German Capcom Twitter account posting images of new Street Fighter 6 characters Juri and Kimberly early. The tweets have since been pulled, but the images were quickly saved by fans and are now out there on forums such as ResetEra, along with the other contents of the tweets.
Juri has been a fan-favourite character since her debut in Street Fighter IV, so her return for SF6 makes sense. Her outfit in the image also matches the one in the previous character leak for the game, suggesting that may well be accurate — this would mean the return of all eight original World Warriors, as well as the likes of Cammy, Akuma, Dee Jay, Ed, and my man Rashid, alongside an assortment of new characters, including Kimberly who we see here, and is apparently Guy's latest protégé in the art of bushinryu.

Which character are you most hoping to see make it into Street Fighter 6? It's Q, right? Or G? Excellent taste. In any case, let us know!