Garou sequel in the works as Fatal Fury rises from the dead

Luke Albigés - August 8th 2022

SNK has dropped a dream announcement for many fighting fans, confirming that a Garou / Fatal Fury sequel is finally on the way and is now in development.

Details are thin on the ground at the moment on SNK's upcoming Garou sequel, and the short teaser doesn't give a whole lot away, just panning around the single piece of artwork currently available for the game. Still, it's worth checking out purely for that bop of a soundtrack.

Garou 2 teaser trailer

The art focuses on Rock Howard in the foreground, but there are two other shadowy characters lurking behind him — the bandana-wearing guy with a bo staff on the left surely must be Fatal Fury antagonist Billy Kane, while the person on the right is a little harder to make out but likely Kain, the true final boss of the original Garou. The final character hint comes from the music — an arrangement of Sunrise on the Train, Terry's theme from Garou. Not that SNK would ever be likely to make a new Fatal Fury game without Terry, but hey, it's something!

Looking forward to Garou's long-awaited comeback? Let us know!

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