Microsoft announces Unity cloud partnership with Azure

Tom West - August 8th 2022

Microsoft and Unity have announced a partnership that will allow Made for Unity creators to build and operate experiences using the Azure cloud platform, extending Unity's reach across Windows and Xbox.

The partnership will see Unity using Microsoft's Azure cloud platform for building and operating real-time 3D (RT3D) experiences via Unity's own engine, as well as giving Made with Unity game creators an easier way to reach players across Windows and Xbox devices.

Unity partners with Azure for building and operating real-time 3D experiences

"Our commitment to creators is something we share with our longtime partner, Unity, a global leader in real-time 3D technology," Microsoft's CVP of Game Creator Experiences and Ecosystem Sarah Bond says. "We’re also committed to expanding the creation and distribution of 3D content, to bringing relevant tools and technologies to a wider range of developers, and to making it easier than ever to bring games to players."

Unity's partnership with Microsoft's Azure cloud platform will allow Made with Unity creators of both game and non-game worlds to access Unity's real-time 3D (RT3D) simulation tools via a platform-agnostic, cloud-native infrastructure, which will support assets of real-world locations and objects. The partnership will be offering a platform for 3D artists across a number of industries, not just video games, so creators can run their experiences through Azure.

Of course, this will have plenty of benefits for players on Microsoft's Windows and Xbox gaming platforms, as it'll give developers of Unity-based games a method to reach their players far easier than on other platforms. The two companies aim to give Unity creators a way to "realise their dreams by bringing their games to more gamers around the world," thanks to the partnership's goals of simplifying the publishing process, engineering improved developer tools, and "leveraging the latest platform innovation from silicon to cloud."

Some of the more recent games to use Unity's real-time 3D technology include Tunic, Fall Guys, Road 96, Death's Door, and Twelve Minutes, which are all either part of Xbox Game Pass, or in Fall Guys' case, free-to-play if you'd like to see the Unity Engine at work.

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