MultiVersus dataminer uncovers shared Battle Pass feature

Tom West - August 8th 2022

MultiVersus could be getting a shared Battle Pass system in the future, or Player First Games has toyed with adding it at some point at least, according to a dataminer's findings — surely it's called Battle Buddies?

A dataminer known on Twitter as AisulMV has allegedly uncovered evidence of a shared Battle Pass system in MultiVersus, which would allow two players to work through a season of goodies with shared progress (thanks, VGC). A shared Battle Pass isn't something we ever thought we needed, but now that it's mentioned, we're rather fond of the idea.

MultiVersus shared Battle Pass system could be implemented during Season 1

According to the screenshot posted on AisuIMV's Twitter account, the shared Battle Pass would allow two players to "conquer the Battle Pass faster and share the rewards." Essentially, the system allows both players to contribute to the same Battle Pass in just the same way as you would in the traditional solo way, but as an added bonus, sharing the Pass would see the player with the least amount of progress for the season bumped up to match their buddy. Quest Rewards and XP would still be awarded just the same, and if only one player had a Premium Battle Pass, both players would unlock the track.

As an added safety measure, the system would potentially only allow you to share your Battle Pass once per season, presumably to stop those that have completed it from giving the rewards to everyone and their (Rein)dog. According to AisuIMV, it was planned a little while back and could be introduced during MultiVersus' first season, which was recently delayed.

Of course, just the same as leaks, datamined material is to be taken with a pinch of salt, as even if the material is legitimate, the content could have been scrapped, only be a prototype, or a host of other things that would stop it from seeing the light of day.

Player First Games revealed a bunch of content coming in Season 1, which should be starting quite soon and will add both Ranked and Arcade modes, as well as a host of other additions.

What do you think of the potential shared Battle Pass system? Is it something you and a friend would be interested in using, or are there other games you think could do with a similar system? Let us know down in the comments section, as we'd love to know what you think about this!

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