MultiVersus hits 10 million players, data suggests

Luke Albigés - August 8th 2022

MultiVersus looks to be off to a strong start, with Warner's crossover fighter apparently attracting over ten million players in its first few weeks in beta... and that's before Season 1 has even begun!

According to MultiVersus numbers on competitive stat-tracking site, over ten million players with WB Games accounts have already jumped into Player First's fantastic platform fighter. That total player count is only going to grow over time as popular new characters join the roster, too, each encouraging new fandoms to pick up MultiVersus down the line.

With data suggesting ten million players, MultiVersus is a hit

It's likely we'll see the first signs of that character-driven growth very soon, too, with the ever-popular duo of Rick and Morty coming to the game during its delayed first season along with more characters and costumes, too. Player retention will be another matter entirely, though, so we'll have to wait and see how the first full Battle Pass looks to find out how well MultiVersus will be able to keep players coming back with the promise of shiny new goodies to unlock, though it does look to be holding its own fairly well on our Gameplay Chart. The rumoured shared Battle Pass system would also surely make it easier to convince friends to start the game too, if anything comes of that.

Are you among the ten million and working your way through the MultiVersus achievements? Holding out for specific characters or the full release, whenever that may be? Let us know!

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