Apex Legends 'Fully Kitted' achievement finally fixed

Luke Albigés - August 8th 2022

Respawn has dropped patch notes ahead of Apex Legends' Hunted update that arrives tomorrow, including a welcome mention of an incoming fix to a troublesome discontinued achievement. [updated]

Update: Apex Legends' Fully Kitted achievement seems to have indeed been fixed by this latest update, and we've seen a number of unlocks on the site since it went live. Time to jump back in and get it unlocked if you need it!

Original story: Apex Legends' Hunted update is set to arrive on August 9th, bringing a new Legend, map changes, and a host of tweaks and fixes. Chief among these for achievement hunters, however, will be a fix for the Fully Kitted badge, and in turn the related achievement.

Apex Legends' Fully Kitted achievement set to be fixed tomorrow

Fully Kitted in Apex Legends
The patch notes call out this issue in particular in the Bug Fixes section towards the end, stating: "Fixed bug where players could not unlock the “Fully Kitted” badge." Nobody on TA has unlocked the achievement since it glitched in a previous update back in May, so hopefully we should start seeing unlocks again from tomorrow when this new patch goes live. We'll update this article accordingly once we start getting confirmation of new unlocks.

Glad to hear that the Apex Legends completion is finally back on the table? Will you be jumping into the Hunted update to grab it for yourself? Let us know!

Thanks to RJ7 for this news suggestion.

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