Exclusive: Ooblets achievements revealed

By Heidi Nicholas,

Ooblets is racing towards its 1.0 release, when we’ll be able to enjoy the cosy creature collection/life sim game in full — check out our exclusive reveal of the Ooblets achievements, courtesy of developer Glumberland!

Ooblets has gone gold ahead of its 1.0 launch, and while we don’t yet have a release date for the full version of the game, we do know it’s on the way soon — and in the meantime, thanks to the lovely Ooblets team, we can exclusively reveal the Ooblets achievements! There are 27 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore — check them out below!

Ooblets achievement list

Name Description Gamerscore
Helping I Complete 5 Tinstle Tasks 10
Helping II Complete 10 Tinstle Tasks 25
Helping III Complete 20 Tinstle Tasks 50
Oobleting I Scan 3 ooblets at the Lernery 10
Oobleting II Scan 10 ooblets at the Lernery 25
Oobleting III Scan 25 ooblets at the Lernery 50
Collecting I Collect 60 forageables 10
Collecting II Collect 40 things from the sea dangler 25
Collecting III Collect forageables from 4 different regions 50
Exploring I Look at 10 thingiedoodles 5
Exploring II Travel to Mamoonia 80
Exploring III Travel to Nullwhere 80
Exploring IV Travel to Port Forward 80
Exploring V Travel to Pantsabear Hill 80
Exploring VI Travel to Tippytop 80
Farming I Plant 15 seeds 10
Farming II Harvest 50 crops 25
Farming III Fulfill 15 Plenny’s orders 50
Dancing I Win 5 dance battles 10
Dancing II Win 15 dance battles 25
Dancing III Win 3 dance barn tournaments 50
Friendship I Get 150 friendship points 10
Friendship II Get 3 friendship stickers 25
Friendship III Get 10 friendship stickers 50
Crafting I Craft 20 items 10
Crafting II Sell 50 crafted items 25
Crafting III Sell 100 crafted items 50
We'll need to embrace all aspects of life in Badgetown to unlock all of the Ooblets achievements — and it looks like you'll unlock a number of these naturally as you play through the story. Tinstle Tasks, for instance, are key to progressing in the game. When you arrive in Badgetown, you'll be given a rundown shack for a home in exchange for helping Mayor Tinstle around the town (cheers, Tinstle), and these Tinstle Tasks will be some of the goals you work towards as you dive into life in Ooblets. Gummies, meanwhile, are the currency of Badgetown, and one way to earn more is to scan each new ooblet you catch at the Lernery — once you've scanned 25, you'll have unlocked all three Oobleting achievements. Another way to earn Gummies will become available once you start fulfilling orders for Plenny, who asks you to gather and submit certain resources in exchange for Gummies. Completing 15 of these orders will earn you the Farming III achievement. And then of course, there's dance battles. Dancing is key to Ooblets, and will be how you resolve most issues and challenges. Winning 15 battles earns you the first two Dancing achievements, while the dance barn, which you'll need for the Dancing III achievement, is unlocked later. Planting seeds, earning friendship points, and crafting and selling items, meanwhile, will all happen naturally throughout your journey in Ooblets, as you work on your farm, get to know the town's NPCs, and craft all the ooblets paraphernalia you'll need.

Thanks again to the team at Glumberland for this exclusive Ooblets achievement list reveal! What do you think of the Ooblets achievement list? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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