Elden Ring 1.06 update expands multiplayer, nerfs Bloodhound's Step

Luke Albigés - August 9th 2022

Elden Ring just got a new update, with FromSoftware making some notable improvements to the multiplayer side of the hit RPG, and finally hitting one of the most prevalent and powerful PvP weapon arts, Bloodhound's Step.

Those still working through the Elden Ring achievements may be glad to hear that version 1.06 just dropped, with the team expanding summoning and invasion ranges as well as letting players target multiple zones, even distant ones. As usual, the patch also comes with a host of balance tweaks and bug fixes, including some that could cause a power shift in terms of Elden Ring's best evasive skills.

Elden Ring update improves multiplayer

Bloodhound's Step has been a go-to Ash of War for many Tarnished, since it's a very cheap instant invulnerable teleport that works with any weapon and makes it incredibly easy to warp through attacks and behind targets for easy backstabs. After this update, travel distance and invulnerability will both be reduced, with diminishing returns for continued use. On the flipside, Quickstep — a simpler mobility skill found on the humble Dagger, among other light weapons — receives improvements to try and level the playing field between the two skills a little. Quickstep can now be used multiple times more rapidly, although it too will see its effects get weaker if used too much in quick succession.

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