Stalker 2 team shows off mutant Bayun

Heidi Nicholas - August 9th 2022

International Cat Day handed out another excuse for the internet to rave about feline friends, with the Stalker 2 team taking the opportunity to unnerve us all with its Bayun mutant.

The team behind first-person shooter Stalker 2 saw everybody enjoying International Cat Day and joined in with its feline Bayun mutant. Check out the vicious creature below:

Stalker 2 gives players a glimpse of Bayun mutant

The Bayun is a "very stealthy and nimble mutant," we're told. "For years, stories about it were regarded as mere fables. Bayun takes its name from its throat sacs, which allow the beast to imitate all kinds of sounds, including human speech." So, as if it wasn't already scary enough, this Bayun can make itself sound like a human — imagine exploring the shadowy world of Stalker 2 and hearing someone speak to you, only for this creature to emerge from the darkness.

A Stalker 2 trailer dropped during the Xbox Games Showcase Extended event, introducing us to the game's world. The studio has also been keeping players up to date with how it's faring in the wake of Russia's war on Ukraine.

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