Halo Infinite's August update looks to improve customisation options

Tom West - August 10th 2022

Halo Infinite's customisation has been given a massive upgrade with the August update, thanks to the addition of visor and Mark VII helmet attachment upgrades, as well as further Ranked Playlists, and more.

343 Industries has released the August update for Halo Infinite, and it comes packed with a couple of highly requested helmet upgrades, such as universal compatibility for all visors across all armour cores. Alongside the customisation enhancement, the update has also set the groundwork for the devs to implement additional Ranked playlists and Region Select in the future, and has added your active Challenges to the pause menu. The update is now available for all players across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Halo Infinite will soon have Ranked Doubles playlists

The crowning addition of this update is the work 343i has put into Halo Infinite's helmet customisation, which now allows any visor to be used on whichever armour core you'd like. All future visors will be usable across the full range of helmets available, and it's also retroactive for all previously released visors. Alongside this, certain Mark VII helmet attachments can now be used on multiple Mark VII helmets, but not all. Due to clipping issues, or generally unattractive stylings when combined with each other, not all Mark VII helmets and attachments can be used together, but 343i says that "the total number of options has been greatly increased."

Here is what can be used currently. To be clear, the compatibility between the items automatically unlocks when you collect them, so you won't need to unlock them on a per-use basis.

Mark VII helmet Mark VII attachments
Brawler FCI-1/Proforma and FC-I/Basil
Enigma FC-I/Basil
ISR FCI-I/Proforma
Soldier FCI-I/Proforma
Celox FCI-I/Proforma
Linebreaker FCI-I/Proforma
Rampart FCI-I/Proforma and FC-I/Basil
Stormfall FC-I/Basil and FCI-I/Proforma
Trailblazer FC-I/Basil and FCI-I/Proforma
Zvezda FCI-I/Proforma
Firefall MK12T2 CBRN/Trailwatch, FC-I/Basil, FCI-I/Proforma
Warmaster FCI-I/Proforma
The Halo Infinite August update has added the groundwork for both Region Select and additional Ranked Playlists. Region Select isn't actually in just yet, but 343 Industries has developed the feature's backend so it can be switched on in the future, but the developer notes that it's still "some time away." On the Ranked Playlist front, though, the groundwork for easier implementation of additional Ranked Playlists has been developed and the first mode, Ranked Doubles — as well as Social Doubles —will be added in two weeks' time.

What do you think of the latest additions to Halo Infinite? Is the game heading in the direction that you'd like? Let us know down below!

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