Soccer Story launches into Xbox Game Pass this year

Heidi Nicholas - August 11th 2022

Open-world RPG Soccer Story will arm us with a magic soccer ball as The Saviour of Soccer and asks us to save soccer and restore balance to the world.

Announced today, Soccer Story will launch into Xbox Game Pass later this year. Check out the reveal trailer below:

Soccer Story will join Xbox Game Pass on day one

"It's time to head out and kick that ball all over the place, solving puzzles and problems that require a good smash with a soccer ball," we're told. "Along the way, you'll need to best bad guys in 1v1s, compete in a range of different sports (with your soccer ball, of course), and sometimes use your brain just as much as your balls. In a world that has long forgotten The Beautiful Game, can you remind them why soccer is top of the table, and best the most formidable teams, including the local toddlers and a group of sharks?"

So, we can expect soccer-related chaos at some point this year. We'll let you know when we hear of a concrete release date — will you be playing Soccer Story when it joins Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments!

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