Two Dirt games leaving EA Play in October

Luke Albigés - August 12th 2022

EA has announced that Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 are set to leave EA Play on October 3rd. A selection of other titles will also be removed, but the Codemasters racers are the only ones that feature in the Xbox EA Play library.

Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally will only be available through EA Play for around another two months, with EA's service updates page citing an exit date of October 3rd for the two racers, among other non-Xbox titles.

Dirt Rally and Dirt 4 leaving EA Play

For the benefit of those who use EA Play on PC, the other leaving games will be Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Overlord, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, Overlord: Raising Hell, Overlord II, Project Cars, Rise of Argonauts, and Toybox Turbos.

Both Dirt games have 60-80-hour estimates and are fairly challenging completions, so you'll need to get to work if you want to get them done before they leave EA Play. This move is not expected to impact the online services, but following EA's other recent server closures, it might be a good idea to get those online achievements done sooner rather than later.

Planning on getting dirty before these racers drift away from EA Play? Already got them done? Let's hear you!

Thanks to lor for this news suggestion.