ICYMI: a weekly round-up of the biggest Xbox news stories from TrueAchievements

Tom West - August 14th 2022

Xbox-related news and announcements have once again been sliding across our front page. Check in here for the hottest TrueAchievements headlines for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

The sun has been shining all week here on the southern coast of England, but as professionals, we've remained inside to make sure you've had all of the latest Xbox news... well, that's not strictly true, as we've practically been rotating who gets to sun themselves like a lizard. Either way, we've ensured the front page has been filled with the hottest headlines, and you can see the steamiest of the bunch down below...







  • Turbo Golf Racing got a roadmap detailing all of its upcoming content.
  • Luke pondered how much of a struggle Rocket League's achievement list could have been in this week's BS GS article.
  • We published our weekly GTA Online newsletter for this week's bonuses.