Gothic remake trailer takes you to the dark depths of the Old Mine

Tom West - August 15th 2022

Gothic's remake has received a brand-new trailer that dives into the Old Mine, a dangerous location filled with overly large critters and violent prisoners, and the entry point of the Gothic story.

THQ Nordic has revealed the Gothic remake's Old Mine location via a new trailer. We don't currently have a release date, but it'll be heading to Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC sometime in the future.

Gothic remake trailer reveals The Old Mine

"Prepare yourself for a visit in the Old Mine, a dangerous place full of vicious creatures. Descend to the bottom and find Ian — he's your man. Tell him that Diego sent you. If you come back alive with the supplies list, we can talk about you joining us."

The Old Mines are a dank and dangerous location in the world of Gothic, filled with plenty of hazards, violent creatures, oh yeah, and only a few oversized eight-legged freaks that would love to have you for dinner. The trailer shows that the remake looks like it's shaping up to be a fantastic recreation of the classic game.

The Old Mine is very much the starting point of the Gothic storyline, and was the focal point of the original, and awesome, game. After the King commands his magicians to cast a magical barrier around the mines to stop the prisoners within from escaping their duties of extracting magical ore, naturally, something goes wrong, and the prisoners become violent, and so our story begins...

What do you think of the trailer? Is it living up to the standards of the original game? Let us know down below!