Xbox currently experiencing achievement outage [update: seemingly fixed]

Luke Albigés - August 12th 2022

Xbox achievements now seem to be unlocking correctly for many players following the earlier outage, although issues are still being noted with some retroactive unlocks and Xbox 360 achievements. [updated]

Update: We're seeing a lot of reports of achievements now unlocking correctly for players, so it seems like a fix may be in progress — thanks to everyone who has been reporting in on their own situations. Many are also seeing retroactive unlocks for achievements earned during the outage, although some have said they have had to repeat unlock conditions in order to get them to work, so it seems like this might shake out on a case-by-case basis... fingers crossed for your retro-pops, and let us know below if you're still having issues!

Original story: No, it's not just you — Xbox achievements are not unlocking correctly for players at this time, and we're informed that Xbox support has been notified and is already investigating a fix for the problem. Several people have stated that Xbox 360 achievements are still unlocking normally, but we've also seen reports claiming that following similar outages in the past, 360 achievements unlocked during the downtime later failed to sync, so you might want to err on the side of caution.

Xbox achievements are currently not unlocking correctly

It is hoped that any achievements unlocked during this outage will pop retroactively once everything returns to normal, but since we won't know for sure until it all comes back online, we would advise against performing achievement-unlocking actions that would be unrepeatable for the time being in the event that this does not happen.

We'll try to keep you posted on the outage and let you know when things return to normal.