MultiVersus' next two updates to affect all characters

Tom West - August 15th 2022

MultiVersus' roster of characters will all receive balancing tweaks this month via two updates, one of which was released today, August 15th. We can also expect to see a brand-new character join the game next week.

The two patches, the first of which arrived today, bring with them a host of balancing changes to the game, most of which affect every character in MultiVersus' roster. We'll also see Morty from Rick & Morty enter the arena on August 23rd, wielding a plumbus.

Morty joins MultiVersus on August 23rd

While recent leaks suggest that we could be seeing the likes of Black Adam and Gremlins' Stripe join the roster of MultiVersus characters, one character we know is definitely coming is Morty, and we'll have a chance to attack everyone in the arena with a plumbus next week.

As well as the addition of Morty next week, the two patches will introduce a ton of balancing tweaks to the game that extends to every character, so we recommend you head over to the MultiVersus website to see how your favourite fighter is affected — spoiler, Taz's tornado attack will be nerfed. If you enjoy playing with only the characters included in the free weekly rotation, you can now use Arya, Batman, LeBron, and Steven for free until August 30th.

A number of Perks will be affected by the updates, while the characters included in the free weekly rotation now display an icon to make it easier to see which ones are included. Speaking of what's included, you can also preview each character's announcer pack before you purchase it.

Finally, the class-based weekly missions have been removed from the game to reflect the fact that some classes sometimes aren't available via the free roster, although the Tank missions will continue to rotate as Wonder Woman can be unlocked by everyone via the tutorial. The seasonal missions for getting 75 ringouts from the top, sides, and bottom of the map have been adjusted to 50, and the 125 assists seasonal mission has been decreased to 50.

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