Sea of Thieves' next adventure starts this week

Heidi Nicholas - August 15th 2022

The next Sea of Thieves adventure, 'A Hunter's Cry', kicks off later this week and asks us to "take the fight to the Dark Brethren and help the Hunter."

Sea of Thieves players can dive into the game's next adventure, 'A Hunter's Cry', when it begins on August 18th. It'll be live for two weeks, until September 1st.

Sea of Thieves A Hunter's Cry trailer

'A Hunter's Cry' kicks off soon, and all we have to prepare us for it so far is that trailer with just over two minutes of Merrick refusing to tell the Dark Brethren anything, while they tell him they have "no problem tearing his soul apart, piece by piece."

We've only got a few days before 'A Hunter's Cry' begins on August 18th— what are your theories on what we can expect? Have you managed to work your way through the 13 new Season Seven achievements? Let us know in the comments!

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