FIFA 23 assembles Marvel comic-inspired Ultimate Team Heroes

Tom West - August 16th 2022

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Heroes will become superheroes thanks to a partnership between EA and Marvel, which will see the footballing greats illustrated and inspired by the cape-wearing world-savers.

It's a collaboration that, let's be honest, nobody saw coming, but here we are. EA announced its partnership with Marvel on the publisher's news site, and it said that the comic illustrators at Marvel will capture the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Heroes' awe-inspiring moments inspired by world-saving superheroes.

Marvel superheroes will inspire FIFA 23 Ultimate Team's Heroes

"Blurring the lines of Comic Culture and Football Fandom with the legendary artists at Marvel, FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Heroes will be illustrated and inspired by Marvel Super Heroes to celebrate awe-inspiring moments of their careers," EA said.

The partnership will see a new cast of FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes join FIFA 23 reimagined and inspired by Marvel comic superheroes. Each Hero will receive an illustrated FIFA Ultimate Team item at the start of the World Cup game mode, as well as other Marvel-inspired items like balls, kits, and more. The base version of each Hero will be available at the launch of FIFA 23 if you don't want to partake in the Marvel theme.

Alongside the in-game collaboration, an online Marvel Heroes comic book and Marvel-written bios will be available for purchase, with limited quantities available physically at a later date for anyone hoping to add them to their comic collection.

We should find out a bit more about the Marvel-inspired FIFA Ultimate Team Heroes closer to the launch on FIFA 23, but you can see a handful of the Heroes on the FIFA Ultimate Team FAQ now. What do you think of this rather surprising announcement? Drop into the comments below to let us know!

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