Grounded update adds Shared Worlds to Public Test

Tom West - August 16th 2022

Grounded players on the Public Test version via the Xbox Insiders Program can now access the Shared World feature, which allows your friends to host your world even when you're not online, and vice versa.

The feature is currently only available to Xbox Insiders that have entered the Grounded Public Test via the 'Previews' page in the Xbox Insider Hub. Shared Worlds uses cloud computing to give players a way to share the same world, even when the original creator isn't online, by allowing your friends to host the world as a multiplayer game.

Xbox Insiders can now share worlds in Grounded via the Cloud

By using the Cloud for World Sharing, you and your friends will be able to share the same world, whether the original creator is there or not. It allows you to essentially share a copy of your save game with your pals, which they can download to their own game, but as a standard copy. Obsidian even says that this feature works between each store's version of the game: Xbox, Microsoft, and Steam.

Looking at the patch notes on the Grounded forums, you can only own up to three Shared Worlds at any given time, but you can have up to 50 shared with you, although we imagine you'd be hard-pressed to fill that quota. You'll not need to start a new world to access the Shared World feature, as the Save/Load menu offers you a way to turn it on; if you're hosting a world, though, it will be classed as a multiplayer game and not single-player. Only one player can host a world at any given time, and any progress that's made in it will be available again the next time it's hosted, no matter who's doing the hosting.

Shared Worlds is currently in beta, and Obsidian offers the following warning to anyone planning on giving it a go:

"This feature is considered beta and could have issues and could require online shared saves to be reset/lost as bugs are ironed out. If you test this feature out with a save with lots of progress, make sure it is not the only working copy of the world you have on your account. The shared save service could also go offline at any time during this testing phase to account for issues or updates as needed."

It'll be interesting to see whether this will offer a way to host achievement worlds like Minecraft, so do let us know if you're able to make it work or not. We'd love to know if you plan on sharing your world with friends, so drop a comment down below!

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