Xbox Game Pass to lose Hades, two quick completions, and seven more games

Sean Carey - August 16th 2022

Xbox Game Pass will lose ten games on August 31st, including Hades, What Remains of Edith Finch, Twelve Minutes, and NBA 2K22.

The next batch of games to drop out of Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass have been revealed. A total of ten games will leave Game Pass, including some of the best Xbox Game Pass games.

Titles leaving Xbox Game Pass on August 31st

There are two quick completions in here that you may want to complete before they drop out of the service. What Remains of Edith Finch takes just three hours to finish (check out our WRoEF walkthrough on that), and Twelve Minutes takes roughly the same amount of time if you're using our Twelve Minutes walkthrough. Elsewhere, if you're looking to nab 1,000G from the excellent Hades, you're going to need to set aside between 60 and 80 hours if you're yet to start it.

It's worth noting that the Windows stacks of World War Z and Two Point Hospital will drop out of PC Game Pass, and the Xbox One stack of NBA 2K22 will also leave Xbox Game Pass.

Which of these games will you need to complete before they drop out of Xbox Game Pass later this month? Let us know down in the comments.