New Tales from the Borderlands release date and box art leaked

Tom West - August 17th 2022

New Tales from the Borderlands listings for each platform reportedly leaked on Amazon for a short time before being delisted, revealing the game's box art and release date. [updated]

Update: We can apparently look forward to returning to Pandora on October 21st, as Amazon reportedly listed Gearbox's New Tales of the Borderlands yesterday, which was subsequently posted about by Twitter user Wario64. While the Amazon listings and Wario64's post have now been removed, GamesRadar+ was quick to report on it and salvage the box art, which you can see below for Nintendo Switch.

The Amazon listing also revealed the game's price by the looks of it, which apparently had a $50 price tag for all platforms. The original game cost around $25 for all of the episodes ($5 per episode). With Tales of the Borderlands weighing in at double the original's price, we suspect that it won't be episodic — or at least we'd hope not.

Original: As spotted by Gamereactor, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) Singapore has rated the upcoming New Tales from the Borderlands game from Take-Two's Gearbox Software. It's been listed with a release window of 2022 — which matches with the fact that age classification doesn't usually happen until the later portion of development — and rated for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC.

Tales from the Borderlands sequel set to launch this year

Gearbox Software is handling development on the Tales from the Borderlands sequel itself, and it's been pretty secretive about this new adventure since its announcement back in April. Unfortunately, we were unable to access the Mature 18 (M18) explanation ourselves, as it could have been redacted until Gearbox reveals the game later this year.

Gamereactor was able to get the full description, though, which rates the game on its use of strong violence, gore, and coarse language. In New Tales of the Borderlands, we'll apparently be returning to Pandora to join Anu, Octavio, and Fran on a new adventure. While it's mentioned that Fran is the owner of a frozen yoghurt shop, we're sure that's not the real reason we're embarking on this particular journey. In a slightly more thrilling backstory, Anu is "a scientist who seeks to harness a crystal with healing powers," but the trio will have to fight off "corporate interests" that want the crystal for themselves.

We'll reportedly control each of the characters separately during different points in the story, much like the original game, and have the power to make decisions for the characters' dialogue and action options. The fight will see us taking on humans, robots, and mutants via combat that requires the player to "successfully press a sequence of buttons in response to on-screen prompts to pass the encounter."

If you don't want to know too much about the game, scroll past this next part, but the rating also seems to detail some of the reasons it has been given an M18 rating. Some examples include "a man stabbing a woman in the neck or on the top of her head; or the woman freezing the man and shattering him, leaving behind frozen fragments including a severed limb and head," as well as "characters being shot in the chest or head, or stabbed in the eye with a pistol grip." Don't worry, though, because it doesn't sound like it'll be continuous violence throughout... no, sometimes the art of healing will be involved: "here are depictions of gore such as a woman seen with a severed leg and a sequence where a character attempts to reattach a severed head to a corpse using a metal rod."

New Tales from the Borderlands is said to offer a Deluxe Edition, which comes packaged with the first Tales from the Borderlands game, although any additional content is yet to be revealed.

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