Dying Light 2 teaser trailer reveals first story DLC: Bloody Ties

Tom West - August 17th 2022

Dying Light 2: Stay Human's first story DLC, Bloody Ties, has been given a teaser trailer ahead of the content's full reveal next week, and it looks like it'll be a fairly violent affair.

Bloody Ties will be the first story DLC to be added to Dying Light 2 since its launch in February, and unlike the free content provided by the game's Chapters, the story DLC will be paid packs. The trailer below is only a teaser, but it provides enough to get us excited for what's to come.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human: Bloody Ties teaser trailer

"What dangers wait for you? How can you beat them? What will you get in return? One thing is certain… it will be brutal!"

The general vibe we get from this trailer is that of a combat arena for sport, as the sounds of a crowd cheering can be heard over the two combatants fighting. As the camera pans out, the winning combatant walks over to pick up a skull with a makeshift crown on its head, potentially a trophy of some kind.

The YouTube description says that the fight is taking place at Carnage Hall, and we can look forward to "an even bigger rush of adrenaline and excitement," when the full trailer is premiered during Gamescom's Opening Night Live next week, August 23rd.

Many ancient civilisations used combat arenas for sport and entertainment and seeing as Dying Light 2's setting takes place in a modern Dark Ages of sorts, we wouldn't be surprised if that's where this DLC is heading. But that's just our thoughts, and we'd love to know your predictions for the upcoming DLC. Drop a comment below and let us know!

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