Xbox Game Pass title Floppy Knights to get free DLC

Heidi Nicholas - August 18th 2022

Floppy Knights, which mixes together tactics, card-game mechanics, and turn-based battles, and which is available with Xbox Game Pass, is getting free DLC soon!

Floppy Knights joined Xbox Game Pass in May, and sees us play as inventor Phoebe, who, with her best friend (and robot arm) Carlton, creates the Floppy Knights to sort issues around their town. The game is set to get free DLC on August 30th, with new levels, missions, and cards.

Floppy Knights has free DLC on the way

"While Phoebe and Carlton are testing out some new prototypes in her basement workshop, they get the bright idea to program the cards to mod themselves," we're told. "What could go wrong?" With this free DLC, Floppy Knights gets four new story missions, four challenge levels, 15 new cards, and localisation in 12 languages.

More content looks to be on the way, too, with October bringing eight new levels, 15 new cards, and a "spooky themed episode," while late 2022 brings us even more new levels, new cards, and a new "surprise."

Will you be jumping into Floppy Knights when the free DLC drops on August 30th? What are your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments!

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