Open-world Iron Man game cancelled two years into development

Tom West - August 18th 2022

Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios worked on an open-world Iron Man game for two years until it was ultimately cancelled, the developer's co-founder Christofer Sundberg has revealed.

Speaking during an interview with MinnMax, Avalanche Studios' co-founder Christofer Sundberg has revealed that the Just Cause series developer was working with Disney on an open-world Iron Man game "for a couple of years," until it was cancelled in 2012.

Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios worked on the Iron Man game

Sundberg says that the now-cancelled game would have let you use Iron-Man's repulsor gloves to punch enemies through walls, and then "take off and just fly anywhere." It sounds like the Marvel game would have been much like the Just Cause games with a new skin, and we would have loved to have seen it.

The game was in development at Avalanche for a "couple of years" before being cancelled in 2012 due to "company politics." Sundberg says that Disney and Marvel had pushed for Avalanche to increase its staff levels for the game, which put Sundberg in a difficult position, as the larger team would then need a large project to work on once the Iron Man game was finished. On top of that, Disney cut a year off the original development plan, and while sourcing additional staff would have been a "nightmare," the "development time was shortened down so much so it was impossible to do. It would have broken the studio completely if we had agreed to that.”

“I was a mess by the end,” Sundberg said. “It was like, shortening development time, increasing budget, we would have to hire 70 or 80 people to the team that I would have had the responsibility to find a new project for."

While Sundberg said that it was "a very messy project that could have been really, really good," the ultimate cancellation of the game "was for the best." The increased staff levels would have needed a new project to work on once the Iron Man game was out, and sourcing something that required such a large team would have "been impossible."

If this has got you lusting for some superhero action, don't forget that Disney and Marvel will be holding their first-ever games showcase next month.

What do you think of this interesting revelation? Would you have been up for some Iron Man fun in an open-world environment from Avalanche? Drop a comment below and let us know!