Luna Abyss takes bullet-hell action to space

Tom West - August 18th 2022

Luna Abyss is a narrative-driven bullet-hell FPS coming to Xbox and PC; taking us to the depths of an alien megastructure to uncover the secrets and revelations of the Abyss, while fighting off horrifying creatures.

Developed by Bonsai Collective, Luna Abyss is the studio's debut title, and mixes storytelling with bullet-hell FPS action. We don't have a release date for the game yet, but we do have a pretty cool trailer and the knowledge that it's expected to launch on consoles and PC.

Luna Abyss announcement trailer

Playing as a convict sentenced to explore a derelict megastructure within the depths of an alien moon, we'll be challenged to survive the creatures lurking below via fast-paced bullet-hell gameplay using a host of weapons and advanced traversal mechanics. We won't be alone, though, as our friendly sounding AI companion will be there with us... sort of.

“Luna Abyss takes place on a moon that used to house a prosperous colony of the New British Empire, but is now wiped out and sealed following a mysterious event known as the Scourge,” says Bonsai Collective creative director Benni Hill via a press release. “In the prison atop the Abyss, your one companion is Aylin, an artificial prison sentry watching your every move. She sends convicts deep below for reconnaissance, extraction, and investigation of the collapse. We can’t wait to see what players make of this mysterious world.”

Our AI companion Aylin, as you might tell from the trailer, might not be wholeheartedly invested in our survival, so we'll look forward to seeing how that plays out. Aylin will accompany us on our quest to uncover the secrets of the Abyss, which is filled with challenging alien terrain and "twisted cosmic horrors" that require "split-second decision-making using a combination of traversal abilities and an arsenal of weapons," if we hope to overcome them.

Do you plan on exploring the alien moon's innermost secrets? Drop us a comment below to let us know!