Microsoft paid $600,000 for Cooking Simulator on Xbox Game Pass — report

Sean Carey - August 18th 2022

A new financial document claims that Microsoft paid a whopping $600,000 to developer Big Cheese Studio to get Cooking Simulator on to Xbox Game Pass.

Deals between Microsoft and publishers/developers for Xbox Game Pass titles are a bit of an enigma. However, a new financial report (thanks, Twisted Voxel) sheds a little more light on the process, claiming that Microsoft has a $600,000 contract with developer Big Cheese Studio for putting Cooking Simulator on to Xbox Game Pass.

Report claims Microsoft paid $600,000 to get Cooking Simulator on Game Pass

The report, which has been translated from Polish using Google Translate, says that the management board of Big Cheese Studio "informs that on August 5th, 2022, the company concluded an agreement with Microsoft Corporation under which Cooking Simulator will be available in the Xbox Game Pass subscription." The report goes on to detail that the contract, "which amounts to USD 600,000," constitutes "approximately 22% of the net profit and approximately 17% of the company's net revenue from the sale of products, goods and materials for the last financial year" — it sounds like Big Cheese Studio got a pretty good deal for Cooking Simulator if that is indeed the case.

Little is known about how deals with Xbox Game Pass work, but what we do know is that Microsoft pays a lump sum for some games upon release and launch into the service. 2 Ton Studios' Stephen Danton previously explained for his game, Microsoft paid out a lump sum upon release for which he believes "is offsetting or in anticipation of whatever you would sell it for if you were on a store." Danton then went on to reveal that for 2 Ton Studios' deal, Microsoft does not pay out bonuses or royalties for playtime or for the number of players that pick up the game.

If you're interested, Cooking Simulator is playable now with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, but just be aware that its DLC, Pizza, does have three unobtainable achievements.

What do you make of this? Is Cooking Simulator worth $600,000? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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