Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers free mount for The Elder Scrolls Online

Tom West - August 18th 2022

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can now claim the Noweyr Pack via Perks for The Elder Scrolls Online, which comes bundled with a new mount, a pet, and two Crown Crates.

The Noweyr Pack is available through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles for The Elder Scrolls Online, and features alongside the Cliff Ram Pack, which will remain available on the service until September 20th. If you're not an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member but have an Amazon Prime account, head over to the Prime Gaming website where it's also available.

Free Noweyr Pack for The Elder Scrolls Online

This free bundle offers you the Noweyr Steed mount, the Noweyr Pony pet, and two Akaviri Crown Crates for use in-game. The Pack will only be available for a limited time, and as it stands now, this is the only way to add these items to your account. Both the mount and pet look pretty cool with their purple Psijic markings, and will certainly help you stand out from the crowd.

To redeem the Pack, head to Xbox Game Pass on your console and navigate to the Perks tab. Here you'll find the Noweyr Pack, which will have a Claim button once you've clicked on the promotion. Select Redeem code and then Check Code before clicking Next. Once you've confirmed that you want to redeem it, you'll find the items waiting for you in The Elder Scrolls Online next time you fully load the game.

Will you be taking advantage of this cool offer? Let us know down below, adventurers!

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