Cult of the Lamb recruits one million followers in first week

Heidi Nicholas - August 18th 2022

The Cult of the Lamb team has confirmed that the cute and creepy dungeon-crawling base-building cult-forming game has reached one million players in its first week alone.

Cult of the Lamb launched just last week on August 11th, and has already reached one million followers players, as confirmed by the devs. Check out the game's new accolades trailer below:

Cult of the Lamb reaches one million players

In Cult of the Lamb, you have a lot of responsibilities: cleaning up after your followers, feeding them, keeping their faith high, occasionally murdering them, building a base, and forming a cult that's respectable enough to honour the creature that saved you from a ritualistic sacrifice. You know, normal stuff. It's an excellent game (even if you do spend more time picking up poop than expected) — if you're interested in learning more (about the game, not about picking up poop) check out our Cult of the Lamb interview with developer Massive Monster's James Pearmain.

Are you one of the one million players who's picked up Cult of the Lamb? What are your thoughts on it so far? Let us know in the comments!

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